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Dear cat lover.

On this page I explain to you what affiliate links are and why I use them here on my cat blog. I’ll also tell you what it means to you when you click on such a link.

What is an Affiliate Link anyway?

Many companies operate so-called affiliates or partner programs. For companies, these programs are additional distribution channels through which they can increase their reach on the Internet. In addition, affiliate links are largely built into themed sites, so that customers looking for a solution to their problem can find a suitable product.

For the site operator, it is the case that the partner company can use the link to identify which website the customer came from and can thus assign the sales commission correctly. The commission that the companies pay are already included as distribution costs in the respective products. Therefore, the price does not change if you buy something via an affiliate link.

An affiliate link can be a link in the text that is is marked. Further possibilities are product boxes or product images with which an affiliate link is stored. Special banners also contain such links.

Affiliate Programs

Amazon operates the largest and probably well-known affiliate program as the largest online retailer and online marketplace. But many other companies also run their own affiliate programs. In addition, there are also so-called affiliate networks such as Awin, Belboon or CJ. In this case, the network provides the technical platform and also takes care of the billing of the sales provisionals.

As a blog operator you can’t get rich from the sales provisons, but they help with the operation of the website and I can always buy some new cat products for testing. Depending on the product group, I receive between 4 – 7 commission per purchase that you make via an affiliate link.

My current partner programs

  • Amazon
  • Zooplus
  • Fressnapf
  • Mainzoo
  • Felcitia
  • Docmorris
  • Shop pharmacy
  • PetProtect
  • Agila

How to use Affiliate Links

Basically, I recommend products that I use myself and have also tested. Or I recommend products that I have researched on a specific topic.

I use the Amazon Partner Program the most. Because it is particularly common, many interfaces are offered that make it easier to insert and manage the links. For other products, such as medicines, I also use other partner programs where the drugs are the cheapest to get.

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