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For this article I bought a sample pack of the cat food Premiere in the Fressnapf online shop. I chose this feed because it does not contain cereals and has a high meat content. The composition of the feed corresponds to the natural diet of cats, a high meat content and a small part vegetables, fruits and herbs.

The manufacturer of the feed is MultiFit Tiernahrungs GmbH. This is the same manufacturer or distributor as of the feed variety Real Wilderness, which I have already reported on. On the website of Real Nature, however, you will not find any of this product line.

Test of the Premiere Wet Food – Beef with Chicken

For the test I bought a sample pack with 200g cans, because our cats no longer eat during the day and I also want to throw away as little food as possible.

After opening the can, the intense smell of beef immediately catches the eye. It somehow looks like Corned Beaf, the consistency reminiscent of cooked minced meat with some sauce and jelly.


Analytical components

Protein 11%, fat content 5.5%, crude ash 2.2%, crude fiber 0.2%, humidity 78.5%, calcium 0.31%, phosphorus 0.24%.


50% beef (lungs, meat, hearts, livers), 31% drinking water, 18% chicken (hearts, meat, livers), 1% minerals.
Muscle meat 15%.

Moisture content


Additives per kg

Nutritional additives: Taurine 450mg, copper (copper(II) sulfate, pentahydrate ) 1mg, iodine (calcium iodine, anhydrous) 0.75mg, zinc (zinc oxide) 20mg.

More Premiere Feed Varieties

  • Chicken with Turkey & Rabbit
  • Beef with deer
  • Meat composition
  • Beef
  • Beef and chicken
  • Beef and lamb
  • Beef and poultry composition
  • Calf and chicken
  • Beef with beef hearts
  • Beef with turkey and rabbit
  • Beef with cod and parsley root
  • Beef with turkey and shrimps

The composition of the other types of feed is similar to the type of beef with chicken I tested. The meat content or fish content is about 70% of the rest is water and minerals. Some varieties also contain additional vegetable ingredients such as vegetables and berries. Vitamins and minerals were also added in small amounts to optimize the feed composition.


Now the verdict of our test eaters Josie and Emil is still missing. Surprisingly, they found the food very tasty and liked to eat it. Even our Josie loved to eat it. Perhaps it was due to the intense smell of beef or the higher water content, which gives the food some sauce. In any case, I was surprised that the food was so well received by the two.

The current price for six 200g cans is currently at a cheap 5.00€ – 5.24€ in the Fressnapf online shop. Since our cats liked the food so well and the composition of the food is fine, I recommend it further.

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