These are our cats

In this amount I present you our cats. Even those that we already had to let go over the rainbow bridge. We have been going through cats and all the ups and downs with them for over twenty years now. There is nothing more beautiful than

The Birman cat an extraordinary cat breed

I recently came across the name Birman in an Instagram poll asking what kind of cat people wanted to belong to. I wasn't quite sure what it meant at first, until I googled it and found out that it stands for a breed of cat known as a

Why are cats actually so cute?

Have you ever wondered why cats are actually so cute? What is it about these clever creatures that makes us want to cuddle and kiss them all day long? Let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the reasons we love cats so much.

Katzensprache, was wollen uns Katzen sagen?

Haben Sie sich schon einmal gefragt, ob Katzen Geheimcodes haben oder wie die Katzensprache geht? Oder was sie uns mitteilen wollen, wenn sie an der Tür kratzen, um hereingelassen zu werden, oder wenn sie bestimmte Stimmmuster oder Miauen