Why do cats sometimes panting?

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Reasons for this phenomenon

In fact, cats can also pant like dogs. Normally this is only known from dogs, but it is quite possible that even a cat is panting. In the dogs, the panting is related to the fact that it regulates the body temperature. He then lets his tongue hang out and breathes at an above-average speed. If a cat is panting, there are the following reasons.

It is very likely that a cat is panting is rarely seen. Most people don’t even know that this phenomenon exists. If you ever see it, you are shocked, baffled and do not know what to do. Especially with his own domestic cat, this is striking at first.

The panting process in cats has something to do with the body temperature. A cat does not have as many options to control its body temperature. She sweats little and rarely. On the four paws has she sweat glands. If it gets very hot, especially in summer, she automatically looks for a cool place in the shade. She then crawls under a table in the apartment and outside into the bushes.

How can we remedy this situation?

Especially for certain breed cats, such as Persians and other longhair cats, temperatures from 25°C are unpleasant, simply because the fur is so long and dense. So if you observe that an animal is panting at high temperatures and heat, the first thing you want to do is take it to a cool place. Ideal for cooling are cold tiled and stone floors for the cat. However, you can also use an ice-cooled wet cloth to provide relief to your pet. Of course, a bowl with cool, fresh water very important, so that the cat or the hangover is well.

Other causes of simmering in cats

Another trigger for the panting could be a long journey by car. Especially in the case when the sun has been shining in for a very long time and the mobile base is heating up, it can get too hot for the cat. You should then take a break and make sure that the pet calms down and cools down. This usually happens quite quickly, after just a few minutes. Stress and extreme pain, similar to humans, can cause the physical reaction of the panting. This can also happen when the cat romps around with fellow species and performs many movements or flashes around strongly.

What to do if the cat is panting?

First of all, one can remain completely reassured, it is not that bad. The cat needs a cool, quiet place and a lot of water, because its body temperature must be reduced. The problem is often not too serious or worrying. The cat can live well with it. It is also often a sign of fatigue and powerlessness. It is difficult for cats to balance body temperature. However, if the swell occurs more often, one should consult the veterinarian, especially if it is panting with every movement and effort and is short-breathed. This can result in diseases such as shortness of breath, obesity and heart attacks.


Since time immemorial, people have sought to find partners, to start families, to settle within like-minded groups, to acquire property and to populate the house and farm with all sorts of useful animals. They gave shelter and food to the animals, received milk from the cow, eggs from the chickens, oxen pulled the farm equipment, donkeys carried loads, and high to Ross people could lead a nomadic life or establish solid settlements.

It is probable that the waste in the vicinity of human dwellings has scented the wolf packs sweetly into the nose and caused them to secure such a feeding place. for from an early age, humans and dogs entered into a community of interests, and this mutual appreciation has been maintained to this day, even where it has become useless in the meantime, that is, without any life-sustaining benefit. Unfortunately, this can no longer be said of most other pets, who are increasingly vegetating without contact with the man in need, surrounded by machine perfection.

With the cat it has always had a special habit. In a nomadic household of prehistory, it is hard to imagine her, because she does not love travelling, and she is also amply unsympathetic to attempts at domestication. Tradition does not know about her until she was already given sacred honours, namely in the high culture of the Egyptian country, where she kept the rats and mice away from the storerooms. How she found her way there remains in the dark. And the mystery of her origins is still attached to her to this day. It is, of course, found in the vicinity of every farm.

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