Take another cat into the family

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A new subtenant moves in

When another cat moves in, the first days and weeks are an exciting and significant time. Not only for the new family member, but also for the people and the existing velvet paw.

A friendship for the whole cat life

Two or more cats, regardless of age and breed, can build a close relationship with each other, which not only does not cause boredom, but also strengthens the health and mental well-being of the animals. They play together, romp overandbly and cuddle together in the basket or on the sofa for sleeping. A friendship between cats is simply heartwarming. In order for the existing cat and the newcomer to decide to go through thick and thin together in the future, two prerequisites should be met: sympathy and trust must be present. Emotions play a major role in bringing them together. For one cat begins a new life in an environment completely alien to it and for the other cat it is said to share its hunting area with a fellow species in the future.

Attention and harmony begin with the sniffing

When the new family member is brought together and acclimatised, the first encounter decides whether a peaceful coexistence or aggression is to be expected. If pet owners want to get used to cats, it takes some sensitivity, so that the first encounter proceeds without scratching, hair-scratching and fuzzing. The first encounter shouldn’t last long. Therefore, it is important that at the beginning of the acclimatization there is the possibility to separate the animals spatially. It takes time to achieve a peaceful rapprochement. There have to be repeated matches, which cannot be avoided if both cats live under one roof. It is important that the short encounters always take place only under supervision. The keeper must also be prepared to intervene quickly if necessary. Especially if a fight could lead to injuries caused by the claws in the facial area. It is especially important that every cat has no stress when eating and sleeping. It may take some time for the velvet paws to carry out these basic needs together without aggression.

Bringing cats together without pressure

Stress and pressure are an absolute no-go when merging. Pet owners must not forget that the new family member not only has to cope with the unknown four-legged friend, but also has to get used to a new master, mistress and a completely foreign environment, which in itself means enormous stress for the velvet paw. Recommendations such as leaving cats alone, for example, so that they can get together or to sit the animals side by side and hold them together, have lost nothing in a modern and species-appropriate animal husbandry and cannot be reconciled with animal welfare. Rather, the cats need time and rest in order to get used to each other stress-free and to be able to build a relationship of trust.

How to create a good atmosphere in the cat community?

Despite new arrivals, the cat, who has been living in the household for a long time, must always feel like she remains number one. Then the chances are good that the cat follows the example and quickly accepts the family growth. Pet owners should therefore reserve time every day for an extra portion of care and a lot of petting sessions. This avoids aggression and jealousy. There is also plenty of accommodation for all animals, their own food and water bowls and separate cat toilets. Peaceful behaviour on both sides can be rewarded with a treat.

Strengthening the friendship of the cats

If the merging is not optimal or if the cats react excited, stressed or anxious, pet owners must always keep calm. Cats are extremely sensitive animals that immediately feel when masters or mistresses are tense or nervous. The four-legged friends may then become even more restless. We observed during the merging that in stressful situations Feliway helps and provides more joie de vivre, serenity and positive mood. The Feliway atomizer or spray exudes pheromone, a happiness and feel-good hormone. The cats relax, feel comfortable, the merging is facilitated and the marking behavior of the cat is prevented.

Our little Josie

Since February 2020 we have a new roommate, our little Josie. She is a British shorthair girl and came to us at 12 weeks.

Our old male Emil is fortunately very good-natured and has accepted the little one well. In the beginning the kittens have something like a puppy protection anyway and adult cats do not attack them either. Josie herself was very trusting and open-minded from the beginning and was very much oriented towards Emil and sought his closeness.

Meanwhile, Josie is half a year old and already twice as big as when she came to us. When she has her playing time, it can be a bit turbulent. Then Emil has to play along, but he doesn’t always want to. If the little one then becomes too intrusive, he also distributes a slap. But all in all, the two get along very well. Emil also brings her away and a gift in the form of a mouse.


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