Where should I buy a cat?

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The variety of offers

Where should I buy my new cat? You decided to buy a cat, but don’t know where they get it from? That is not a problem. There are almost countless offers. You can pick up a cat from the shelter. Also many breeders as well as ad portals like eBay classifiedads offer a large selection of different kitty. Read here about the differences in the respective procurement, where you can find your new pet and what advantages the different types of offers offer offer you.

Cats from the shelter

Among the animals you will almost always find there are the cats besides the dogs. Here older and younger stub tigers of different races and with different stories are waiting for a new master or mistress, which she wants to close in her heart. Some of them were simply too much for their old owners, because their own cat got unplanned offspring. Others may have died off their families, and others were born on the street. What they all have in common is the search for a new home with loving people who take care of them.

A cat from the breeder

You can also buy your new kitty at a breeding. This gives you the opportunity to purchase a family tree for your pet. In this way, you rule out possible hereditary diseases and at the same time lay an important foundation stone in case your velvet paw should have offspring. In addition, cat breeding is a good choice if you have committed yourself to a rare breed that is not currently offered by animal welfare. On the Internet you will find an overview of different cat breedings, which usually focus on a very specific breed, so that you will find here exactly the cat you want.

If you are interested in such an animal, call the nursing home or visit the site within the opening hours. You can find out at what times the home opens its doors to visitors by phone or on the Internet. The visit on site offers you the opportunity to get to know the animals directly and to select your new roommate. The staff of the home will certainly be happy to show you their respective delivery animals and also know what history is hidden behind each of the animals. Their character and habits are also known to the staff, so they can help them find the ideal animal.

If you call in advance, a contact person will tell you exactly which delivery cats are available or when a litter is to be expected. He is also a good contact person if you have further questions about the appropriate attitude of your new favorite or similar topics.

Kitten on eBay Classifieds

Various online portals also offer a variety of cats. The animals offered come from very different circumstances. So also here many breeds present themselves and present here their breeding animals with the respective offspring. Animal welfare also regularly seeks a home for a wide variety of animals via the portals. You will also find applications from private individualswho want to leave their animals for a variety of reasons. The overall advantage of the ad portals is that you can search for animals from your area via the search mask and the ads usually contain images of each animal. For this purpose, some very detailed texts explain why the animal should move to a new home. If you have any further questions, you can contact the provider directly via the portal.


As you have seen, there are many waysto buy a new kitty, all of which have their respective advantages. Which one you ultimately choose is due to your personal preferences and interests. If the lineage of your new pet or a special breed is important to you, you are therefore best taken care of by a serious cat breeder. If you want to help a cat in need and give her the pleasureof finally finding a new and good home, then the animal welfare has the greatest choice for you.

If you want to browse from home comfortably with your computer in various ads and see pictures of your possibly later friend without waiting, you should use the wide range of portals for pets on the Internet. No matter how you decide, we wish you all the best and much joy in your new kitty.

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