These are our cats

In this amount I present you our cats. Even those that we already had to let go over the rainbow bridge. We have been going through cats and all the ups and downs with them for over twenty years now. There is nothing more beautiful than

Das sind unsere Katzen

In diesem Betrag stelle ich euch unsere Katzen vor. Auch die, die wir bereits über die Regenbogenbrücke gehen lassen mussten. Wir haben mittlerweile seit über zwanzig Jahren Katzen und alle Höhen und Tiefen mit ihnen zusammen erlebt.

Luna, our second BSH cat

Why another BSH cat? Actually we just wanted to buy another cat as a company for our old cat Emil. That was our plan. But first it is different and secondly than you think. Our grandpa Emil didn't like what we thought was a good idea.

Josie, our first BKH cat

In this article I write about Josie our first BKH cat - British Shorthair. For many years we had three domestic cats or cats, which were all free-range. With the normal domestic cats, the hunting instinct is still very strong, whereby

Which cat will suit me best?

Preparations for the new housemate Good planning helps you to find the right kitten (race cat or hybrid) and prepare everything for its arrival. This sets the course for a good start. Is cat keeping allowed? Before you decide if

Where should I buy a cat?

The variety of offers Where should I buy my new cat? You decided to buy a cat, but don't know where they get it from? That is not a problem. There are almost countless offers. You can pick up a cat from the shelter. Also many breeders