The best cat toys that will delight your pets

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You have one or more pussycats at home and are looking for new cat toys that will excite your velvet paw? Then you’ve come to the right place! Cats are curious creatures and love to play and explore. With the right toys, you can keep your cats entertained for hours while giving them variety and physical activity. In this article, we at Alles für die Katz introduce you to the best toys for cats that our furry friends particularly like. Get inspired by our ideas and give your pet unforgettable hours of fun and entertainment.

Intelligence toys: stimulate the cognitive abilities of your cat

Now we come to the cat toys that will surely delight your cat. With an intelligence toy, you can actively promote your cat’s intelligence through its innate hunting and play instincts.

An example of intelligence toy is a food ball, in which you can hide the food or treats for your cat. Your cat must now learn how to move the ball to get the treats.

Another example is a game board with hidden treats that your cat has to fish out. Of course, you can also get creative yourself and make such a toy out of toilet paper rolls or egg cartons. It is important to change toys regularly to give your cat a new challenge.

Play fishing: Play with your cat and thereby strengthen the bond with him, with this cat toy

Do you want to build an even closer bond with your cat? Then playing with a play fishing rod is a great way to accomplish this. Cats love to chase and catch prey, and game fishing rods provide them with just that. You can interact with your cat while he tries to catch the toy, which will boost his mental and physical fitness.

There are many different types of play fishing rods, from simple spring rods to more complex toys with lights and sounds. When you buy a play fishing rod, make sure it’s safe and has no sharp edges or loose parts that your cat could swallow. Only use the play fishing rod under supervision and store it out of reach of your cat when you are not there. You will be surprised how much fun you and your cat will have playing with such a play fishing rod. Try it out and strengthen the bond with your pet.

Cat tunnel: A great retreat for hiding and playing

The best cat toys that will delight your pets 1

Are you looking for a cat toy that is not only fun for your cat, but also serves as a retreat? Then you should definitely consider a cat tunnel! Cats love to hide and play, and with a tunnel they can do both at once. In addition, playing with a tunnel promotes physical activity and sharpens the senses of your cat.

There are various designs of cat tunnels, from simple tubes to complex tunnel systems with multiple entrances and exits. Make sure that the tunnel is made of sturdy and durable material, so that it can withstand the wild play attacks of your cat. If you have a larger household with multiple cats, a tunnel with multiple entrances and exits is a great choice, as it allows all of your felines to play and hide at the same time. A cat tunnel is a great toy that is guaranteed to delight your cat!

Scratching trees: cat love to climb, sleep and snooze or sharpen their claws

Scratching posts are an absolute must for every cat household. They provide your cat not only a way to sharpen their claws, but also a platform for climbing and resting. Let your cat live out its natural instincts by providing it with a scratching post. This will keep her fit not only physically but also mentally.

The best cat toys that will delight your pets 2

Pay special attention to the fact that the cat tree is stable and safe, so that your cat can not hurt himself. For example, scratching posts for large cat are offered, and not for nothing. A Mainecoon cat can weigh well over 10kg and from our own experience we know that cats, when they have their playtime, are not exactly squeamish about it. Since such a scratching post must be able to withstand something.

There are many different types of scratching posts, ranging from simple columns to elaborate constructions with multiple levels and hiding places. Therefore, think about which scratching post best suits your cat and your home, and watch how she engages with it. You’ll be amazed at how much she’ll enjoy it!

Interactive cat toys: offer your cat variety and fun with remote controlled toys

If you want to give your cat something really interactive, you should look at remote control toys. With these cat toys you can actively challenge your cat and offer him variety and fun. There are many different types of remote control toys, such as mice, balls or even cars.

The best cat toys that will delight your pets 3

However, make sure the toy is sturdy enough to withstand your cat’s attacks and easy to use. Start the toy slowly and let your cat get used to it before speeding it up or letting it fly around the apartment. Your cat will be thrilled to chase and catch the remote control toy.

We hope you were inspired by our suggestions and now have some new ideas for toys with which you can inspire your pets. Remember, however, that not all cats are the same and there may be some trial-and-error period to figure out which cat toy your pet likes best. Also, as always, supervise your cats while they play and make sure they don’t hurt themselves or swallow anything. We wish you and your cats a lot of fun playing!

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