These are our cats

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In this amount I present you our cats. Even those that we already had to let go over the rainbow bridge. We have been going through cats and all the ups and downs with them for over twenty years now.

There is nothing more beautiful than when we come home and are greeted by our fur noses. Or if they join us and let themselves be caressed extensively and purr in the process. When you don’t feel it well, they feel that and you have three cats next to you, sitting on yourself and above you. The slogan below also fits in with this.

A life without cats is possible, but pointless.

BKH Luna


Luna is a British Shorthaircat and was born on 26.06.2020.

She has been with us since 12.09.2020. She has the same parents as Josie.

BKH Josie


Josie is our first British Shorthair cat and was born on 01.11.2019.

She has been with us since 26.01.2020. Josie is a breed-typical a quiet relaxed cat. She is very talkative and likes to be petted. For your little sister Luna, something like mother’s feelings has developed.

These are our cats 1


Emil is a European Shorthair Edtheir cat

He was born in May 2006 and has been with us since July 2006. He is a small beauty with a beautiful fur drawing. Towards us, he is a real cuddly cat. The two BKH girls he is very indulger but from time to time he also distributes a slap if they drive it too colorfully.

These are our cats 2


Eddie was a European shorthaired male. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in November 2019 at the age of 19. Eddie was a very nice hangover and very cuddly. He was always very social towards his cat mates and even cleaned them. We miss him very much.



Harry was a European shorthaired male. Harry crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 16. Two and a half years earlier, he was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. He was the undisputed boss of his cat mates. On the one hand, he was the oldest and also a great handsome male. He has always enjoyed his petting sessions. We still think of him many times today.

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