Cats Scratch Tree – to play and relax

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Cats scratch trees are one of the things that is part of the basic equipment for cat owners. It is not only that the cats only scratch at it, but they also like to climb and play. Since they are small hunters, they especially like to sit in an elevated position where they can observe everything.

Our two cats also like to use their scratching tree, both for scratching, for sleeping and of course for playing. In the video below you can see this very nicely. Although this was certainly not meant by Emil that little Josie can play with his cock.

Tail hashing in the scratch tree

Build or buy a cat scratch tree yourself?

If you are skilled in craftsmanship, you can also build a scratch inge yourself. Wood, jute rope and upholstery material can be found in most DIY stores. There are no limits to creativity.

If you can’t or don’t want to, you can choose a suitable scratch tree from a huge selection in the retail trade. The more money you put into your hands, the bigger scratch trees you can buy. The term cats scratch tree for these parts is already somewhat understatement. Cat wellness centre would fit in sooner. In the picture you can see one of these opulent scratch trees, where several cats can really let off steam.

What do you have to pay attention to when choosing the right scratch tree?

For the selection of the right cat scratch tree we recommend to measure the base area of the pitch so that one will not be surprised later. Some of the scratch trees are already very expansive due to the different superstructures.

When choosing a scratch tree, you should also consider how big and how heavy your cat is or will be. A BKH hangover can weigh 10kg and Main Coon can do much more. Accordingly, the installation should be stable. Some products are explicitly indicated that they are suitable for large cats.

For the maximum duration of a scratch tree, it is particularly important that the areas that the cats use as sleeping and resting places can be removed for washing. As can be seen in the picture, with this scratch tree you can take out and wash the cover of the upper area and the cushion of the cave.


A cat scratch tree is simply a must for any cat owner. It doesn’t matter if they’re apartment cats or free-riders. Cats love it when they can sit or rest in an elevated position. If then a hiding cave is built in all the better.

Scratch trees with different equipment

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