Crafting a fumble board

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You don’t always have to walk in zoo shops if you want to do something good for your cats. With a few aids and free materials you can, for example, already make a fumble board.

Material for a simple fumble board

The material I used for the fumble board is actually more or less paper waste.

  • Corrugated board from a package approx. 30cm x 40cm
  • 5x Toilet paper cores
  • 2x Kitchen roller cores
  • 1x Egg pack

As a tool a scissors and an adhesive gun for hot melt glue. Sure, you can also take other glue, but this way that the adhesive immediately hardens the cut rollers can no longer shift.

Glue the fumble board

In the first step, the roller cores are cut in different widths. You can do this according to your own feeling, the only important thing is that the pieces are of different lengths when they are glued to the cardboard. Cut the egg pack so that two parts are created.

When I was gluing, I proceeded in such a way that I started to stick the pieces of the roller cores from the middle. Then stick the pieces to the right and left. Continue with the other pieces and stick to the right and left half of the egg pack.

You can also make such a fumble board wonderfully together with children. Then you can also paint or glue the individual parts in color. There is no limit to the imagination here.

Ready-made fumble boards from the trade

Of course, the retailer also offers various products to encourage cats to play. As with the homemade fumble board, this only works if you put in a few treats,but that’s also the intention.

Fummelbrett aus abwaschbarem Plastik
Dieses Fummelbrett aus Plastik hat verschiedene Vertiefung in die man die Leckerlies platzieren kann. Mit den Abdeckungen kann man das Spiel noch zusätzlich spannend machen. Nach dem Spielen lässt es sich auch einfach mit Wasser und etwas Spülmittel reinigen.


A fumble board is a great cat toywith which you can make your cats a joy. You have to bribe them a bit with treats, but then they have fun. But watching is also very funny.

Other products from the retail trade

TRIXIE interaktives Intelligenzspielzeug für Katzen 'Cat Activity Strategie-Spiel Fun Board, 30 × 40 cm, hellgrau'- 4590
TRIXIE interaktives Intelligenzspielzeug für Katzen "Cat Activity Strategie-Spiel Fun Board, 30 × 40 cm, hellgrau"- 4590
Das Intelligenzspielzeug wurde von der Katzenexpertin Helena Dbalý entwickelt
16,99 EUR
Catit Play Treat Puzzle, interaktives Spielzeug für Katzen
Catit Play Treat Puzzle, interaktives Spielzeug für Katzen
Intelligentes Spielzeug, das die Katze anregt, für ihre Nahrung zu arbeiten; Mit 6 lustigen Aktivitäten
18,95 EUR

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