Cat toilet with sieve for effortless easy cleaning

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A cat toilet is part of the basic equipment for every cat owner and of course also for those who want to become one. It also does not matter whether the cats are free-range or are kept as an apartment cat. Because even a free-range cat can have to at night if it is not out on the road.

Cats are very pure animals and going to the toilet is one of the first things they learn from their mother. Here you also have to pay attention to cleanliness and clean the cat toilet several times a day. Some cats can be very own here and if it stinks they go somewhere else, which is of course far from beautiful.

Which cat toilet is right for my Kitty?

In our experience, cats are not picky. We have already had all sorts of cat toilets in our long cat experience. Open, with lid and flap and even one with an activated carbon filter. Our cats didn’t care, the main thing they had a place with cat litter, where they can do their business and scurry around in the litter. In the end, they didn’t care about the form.

Often you buy a new cat toilet when the old no longer looks good and can no longer be cleaned properly. Scratching in the toilet affects the floor or scratches it. This is also the reason why the cat toilet can then be cleaned less and less.

Buy a cat toilet with or without a hood?

A hood can be quite useful if the cat scratches especially much and distributes the litter everywhere. Whether a cat in a cat toilet that simulates a kind of cave with a hood feels more comfortable we cannot confirm. Our cats have always looked with their heads out of the toilet, probably they just stumbled too much in a closed toilet.

Whatever we have to say, it doesn’t matter if the toilet is open or closed, it will always smell at a big shop. No activated carbon filter in the hood or lid helps anything. The only thing that really helps here is special litter one that we have been using for a very long time now. However, it also smells like the big business, but not so strong and especially not so long.

Do you need several cat toilets for several cats?

We had three free-range cats who shared a cat toilet. That wasn’t a problem either, as they did their business outside anyway. The cat toilet was only for emergencies if they couldn’t get out at night.

With apartment cats this is something else, since it makes sense to have several cat toilets. Whether it really has to be a toilet for every cat, be put there. It may well be that they literally can’t smell each other. At the latest, if they go somewhere, you should buy another toilet. That’s more work, but it spares the Nervern.

When we go on holiday we always set up a second cat toilet. It can happen that our cat sitters are sometimes late. Cats can sometimes be weird when they don’t like something.

Cat toilet with sieve for easy cleaning.

Cleaning the cat toilet is one of the things that is far from pleasant, but which must be done. If you use a good cat litter you have at least only solid components, which in the best case also no longer smell.

Our current cat toilet is a bit more innovative in terms of cleaning and makes it much easier. What is special about this is that it consists of three parts that are inserted into each other.

For cleaning we removed the edge and lifted out the shell with the use cat litter. Then you have a second bowl (blue) for the reusable cat litter and a sieve which is placed above it. Now simply the used cat litter is poured on to the sieve. Then simply lift the sieve and shake gently. The still usable litter simply falls through the sieve into the second bowl below. The solid components remain in the sieve and can be easily disposed of.

After supplementing the cat litter, the toilet can then be used again directly. For this, the first bowl, the sieve and the shell are simply put back into each other with the litter. Of course, the used shell and the sieve can still be cleaned with water if it is necessary.

What else are there for cat toilets?

Self-cleaning cat toilet

Since cleaning the cat toilet is one of the unpleasant works for cat owners, some manufacturers have taken up this problem. And yes, there are actually self-cleaning cat toilets. However, this luxury also has its price, it costs around 130€ and that PetSafe Cat litter costs around 48€in a three-pack.

Self cleaning cat toilet ScoopeFree by PetSafe
The PetSafe cat toilet is available in an open and closed version.

For this cat toilet, litter must be used by PetSafe, which is in a cardboard box that is the size of the cat toilet.

The special thing is that in this cat toilet the solid components after the cat’s toilet walk automatically pushes with a rake in a closed area. The cat urine is completely absorbed by the litter.

Every few weeks or depending on the degree of contamination, the carton with the litter is simply completely disposed of together with the solid components. Afterwards, a new cardboard box with cat litter is simply inserted and the toilet is immediately ready for use again.”]

Alternatively, there is the self-cleaning cat toilet LitterMaid, the function is similar to the ScoopeFree. However, one is not fixed here on a special litter, but can use any well clumping cat litter. All you have to do is buy new waste containers and activated carbon fillers at some point. But at least when you buy the cat toilet you get 4 pieces of it. With a good 200€ the LitterMaid is also not exactly cheap.

Cat toilet as furniture

If the sight of a cat toilet disturbs, there is of course also a solution for you. Here, cupboards are offered, in which one can subtly make the actual toilet disappear.

If you are skilled in craftsmanship, you can certainly build this yourself or use a discarded cupboard for it.

Cabinet for cat toilet
In this cabinet the cat toilet can be hidden very discreetly.


When researching this article, I was surprised at what is offered on this subject. From the simplest cat toilet for a few euros to the automatic Super Luxury Model, there’s everything. Obviously there is a need for each model and ultimately the more expensive models are also bought.

We are pragmatic and for us the simple cleaning was the most important aspect. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t buy anything else in a few years.

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