Does cat insurance really make sense and can you save money with it?

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For every cat owner, the animal is all pride. The greater the horror is when the animal is not well. Even the most robust animal can get sick or get injured. Treatment at the vet can then quickly become very expensive. Health insurance and liability insurance for people are sensible and vital. But what about the insurance sabes for cats? There are many different insurance policies for the Stubentiger, including animal liability insurance or animal health insurance.

How useful are cat insurance?

Cats are among the most popular pets. Everyone wants to protect their beloved pet as much as possible, but something can always happen. There are many insurance policies here, but how useful are these insurancepolicies really?

The different insurance policies at a glance

In contrast to dogs, it is not necessary for the house cats to take out their own liability insurance. Nevertheless, there are also sensible insurances for cats. Especially in the case of free-riders, there is a high risk that the animal will get injured or get sick. The visit to the veterinary is inevitable and in many cases involves high costs. If the pet needs surgery, there are some of their own surgical health insurance, which protects the owner from the high costs. In addition, as a cat owner with health insurance, you are well advised. With this cat insurance, the costs for inpatient and outpatient treatments are also covered by the costs of medication. The surgical pre- and post-treatment are also covered by the health insurance.

Health and accident insurance for cats

Health and accident insurance also includes surgical animal health insurance and general animal health insurance. The former insurance covers all costs for the operations that are necessary due to an accident or illness. In this case, one usually distinguishes between two models, on the one hand the basic health insurance and the comfort insurance. What are the advantages of cat insurance:

  • free choice of veterinarian
  • outpatient and inpatient treatment also in a veterinary clinic
  • Surgery at the veterinarian or in a veterinary clinic
  • Coverage of the costs of medicines, dressing material or X-rays
  • Post-treatment after surgery
  • Precautionary measures such as vaccination or worm cure (depending on tariff)
  • Fixed contact persons – no call center

Surgical insurance

This insurance covers all costs of mandatory surgical interventions, always taking into account the scope of services, as this varies from provider to provider. While some providers also cover the costs of pensions and aftercare, others do not offer this supplement.

Full insurance

In addition to covering the costs of surgical procedures, this insurance also covers all other areas, including outpatient and inpatient treatments, laboratory costs and medications. But in many cases this insurance is not worth it, the monthly costs are too high, as a study by the independent institute “Stiftung Warentest” in 2011 showed.

Liability insurance is responsible for damages

This liability insurance is basically there to cover claims of third parties if the cat is responsible for property and/or personal injury. A cat can quickly damage shoes, upholstered furniture or other objects. However, in most cases, this damage is very small, which is why, unlike liability insurance for dogs, it is not really worthwhile. Also personal injuries, in which there is serious injury, are also not very likely in cats.

Different providers and different conditions

Few insurance providers offer this type of insurance. This makes it all the more important to weigh up the different conditions of the individual offers. For example, the insurance should pay attention to the age of the animal, the waiting time and the assumption of costs as well as the charging regulations. Most providers specify a maximum age. In addition, providers set an annual limit on the assumption of costs, which varies greatly between 250 and 3,000 euros. This order indicates the rate the veterinarian may charge during treatment and depends on the choice of the insurance provider.

What is the cost of insurance?

How much the insurance actually costs depends on the desired benefits and the age of the animal. It is also important whether the cat is regularly outside or stays at home. If the cat stays only in its own home, the insurance premium will be significantly lower. Cat surgery insurance is available for cats that are one year old for less than ten euros a month. Most insurance policies for cats start at around 15 euros. If you take out insurance as early as possible, you can save a lot of money.

Important questions about cat insurance?

Does insurance for cats make sense at any age?

Virtually every insurance company accepts only cats up to a maximum age of ten years. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to take out the insurance when the animal is still relatively young. It is particularly lucrative if the insurance is taken out, if the animal is five years or younger, because here you can save a few euros a month. However, most tariffs rise more expensive as the age of entry into insurance cover increases. In general, the insurance for cats should be taken out so early in cat life in order to get good conditions as the owner.

What treatments are covered by the insurance?

In principle, cat insurance covers all costs caused by veterinary treatment. Full insurance coverage is usually after a membership of three months or more. Many insurers also offer to cover the costs of essential operations, for example after an accident, even before the deadlines.

Is cat surgery insurance a good alternative?

The conclusion of cat surgery insurance is a good investment for all pet owners, if you want to protect yourself primarily from high veterinary costs. Cat owners who live in a financially difficult situation, this question moves a decision that quickly becomes an existential question. Even if a cat breaks its leg, the treatment can cost a high 1,000 euros or more.

Does cat insurance really make sense and can you save money with it? 1

Does cat insurance really make sense and can you save money with it? 2
Does cat insurance really make sense and can you save money with it? 3
TarifPremiumComfortAnimal health protection
Reimbursement of costs/maximum annual benefitPerformance in the first 12 months from
Commencement of insurance at most 200,00€

Performance in the first 24 months from
Commencement of insurance at most 400,00€

Refunds according to age:
80% by age 8 weeks-6 years
70% at age 7-9 years
60% for age > 9 years

Reimbursement per case 80%.
general veterinary treatment 300 € plus
125 € per year without benefits

Operations max. 1.600,00€
20 % SB for operations from the 5th birthday
Age limits for admission9 yearsHealth examination from the age of 410 years
Veterinary costs3-times set3-times set3-times set
Benefits per year (vaccinations, worming etc)80,00€70,00€65,00€
Contribution increase Age-related-from the 4th year of life 9% annually-
Go to the offer
Go to the offerGo to the offer

Be insured in case of an emergency

At best, the cat does not become life-threateningly ill or suffer serious injuries throughout its life. However, so that you do not take any risks and is adequately insured in an emergency to provide the beloved pet with comprehensive veterinary care. Whether you opt for pure cat surgery insurance or choose a complete protection is always a decision of the owner.

Our decision

No matter what insurance you choose, it’s always about the money. In the case of insurance, the contribution increases annually from a fixed year of life and for another, benefits decrease depending on the age of the animal.

We have chosen our young British Shorthair cat for animal health protection* decided by Agila. After more than 20 years of cat experience, we know what the costs can be. If the insurance then takes over part of it, that’s a good thing. We have opted for a cat insurance with complete health insurance and not only for an operating insurance. This insurance also covers diseases that occur significantly more frequently than, for example, accidents or similar in which surgery is necessary. In addition, there is a small precautionary package, e.g. for necessary vaccinations.

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