Which cat litter is really recommended?

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The topic of cat litter is certainly not a particularly nice one, just like the cat toilet itself. But it is one of those things that you absolutely need as a cat owner and above all, you have to buy again and again. In this article we look at the different varieties and compare them.

What is the difference between a lump litter and a litter that does not clump?

Basically, a cat litter should absorb the excretion of the cat and prevent the odour from developing. There are two approaches to this, both of which are justified and work more or less well.

Non-clumping cat litter

A non-lumping cat litter can consist of clay minerals or organic materials such as wood fibres or straw. They can absorb liquids very well, but the odour binding is rather moderate and decreases quickly with prolonged use. For this reason, the complete spread must be changed more frequently depending on the degree of contamination.

A further development of this non-clumping cat litter is litter made of silicate gel. The special advantage is that the odour-intensive components of the cat unrin are bound and neutralized by the silicate. However, the water contained in the urine can evaporate again. This allows you to use this litter for a long time. By the way, the self-cleaning cat toilet of PetSafe uses such a cat litter.

Silicate cat litter
The silicate cat litter binds odours very well. It is non-toxic and unscented. The litter does not stick to the paws of the cat. The litter can be used for a long time without smelling.

We have tried such a cat litter already. And yes, it actually works. Even after two weeks of use, there was nothing to smell! The silicate cat litter is therefore quite recommended.

lumping cat litter

Lumping cat litter contains concrete itand forms a clay-like lump when in contact with liquids, which can be easily removed. As a result, the rest of the litter is not contaminated and can be used further. It just needs to be supplemented with fresh cat litter from time to time.

There are differences in the size of the grain and various additives that can mask bad odours a bit. There are also self-cleaning toilets that can be used with such a lump litter. An example of this is the Littermaid self-cleaning cat toilet.

What do we take for a cat litter at the moment?

How to use a three-piece cat toilet with sieve for easy cleaning. In our long time as cat owners we have already tried the most diverse cat litter. From the very cheap litter that you buy at Aldi or Lidl, for something around 2.50€, to relatively expensive silicate litter.

They all worked more or less well. Even the very cheap cat litter is not bad in itself. However, this litter is very fine, so that the cats take it with the paws and distribute it everywhere. We actually liked the silicate litter, but it is quite expensive and disturbed us that we did not know when to change it. We didn’t want to wait until it started to stink.

Lump litter Biokat’s Diamond Care

Biokat’s Diamond Care is the lump litter that we have been using for quite a while now. It consists partly of activated carbon and also has small green balls with aloe vera and of course concrete for the liquid absorption and the lump of the litter. The cat litter is offered with and without fragrance. We always take them with fragrance as it is pleasant and not intrusive. Our cats like him too.

We cannot say whether the additional components are really having the promised effect or are just a marketing gag. But what we can say is that the cat toilet does not stink and the litter also forms neat lumps. In any case, we are convinced of this cat litter. We always order supplies via Amazon, so we don’t even have to tow the litter.


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