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The Persian cats breed are very interesting animals. They have a very fluffy coat. However, this also requires a lot of care. The cats are very quiet and therefore seem a bit phlegmatic. With other animals, whether cat or even dog they get along very well. They are reticent about strangers. Persian cats do not bite or scratch. The delicate and intelligent can be easily kept in households with children.

History and origin

It is believed that the cats came to Europe in the 16th century. They were probably brought by Italian travellers from Persia. At that time, however, the animals were not as fluffy as they are today. In Great Britain, the crossroads of the breed began. The first specimen was developed in 1880. Due to the selection, the fur of the cats became particularly fluffy and long. The nose became much smaller than in the ancestors.

Race characteristics

The cats weigh up to 7 kg. The small and wide stupsnase is a characteristic feature of this breed. Over time, two species were created. One is characterized by a smaller and very raised nose. These are known as Ultra and are bred in the USA. The classic style has a long and light nose.

The traditional Persian cats ones are bred in Europe. The breed is characterized by more than 100 typical shades. There are blonde, beige, red, grey, white or black. The eye color is just as varied. From light blue to dark orange, copper or golden to green. Monochrome animals should not show any shades or changes on the body. The cats usually have so-called color points. These are small spots on the tail, paws or head.

Attitude and care

These animals are very cuddly and always want to be in the company of their keeper. Whether on the lap or on the shoulders. They are constantly purring. They are constantly following their owner and do not want to be alone. Age independent the cats like to play. They therefore demand a corresponding amount of attention from human beings. They need a lot of entertainment to make them feel comfortable.

They prefer to stay at home in their familiar surroundings. They cannot live outside the house or apartment. Cats of this breed generally have a very high confidence in humans. When they ask for attention, they don’t mow it. They then just sit next to their owner and watch him attentively. The animals should be brushed every day and bathed once a week due to the care-intensive fur.

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