Is a worm cure recommended for cats?

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The topic of worm cure is often very controversial, similar to vaccinations. Some are in favour and others against. I do not want to assess this in my speech. I rely more on the recommendation of my veterinarian.

Which worms and how are cats affected?

Cats are most often infested by coilworms,hookworms or tapeworms. The eggs of these parasites are often transmitted by rodents such as mice or rats. But fleas can also be a carrier and carry Wurmeier in them.

In these parasites, the cats are the so-called end host. In addition to the intestine, the worms can also infect and damage various other internal organs. However, there is also a danger for us as cat owners, because in case of a worm infestation of the cat it is also possible to infect itself with these parasites. With such an infection, serious diseases can develop, as they are often not detected at all or only very late.

Recommendation on treatment

Basically, a worm cure should be performed four times a year in the case of a free-range cat. The probability that a free-range cat will become infected with worms is very high. Free-living cats, for example, on a farm eat up to an incredible 20 mice a day. A free-range cat that has a home certainly doesn’t come up with 20 mice, but even if it’s only 1-3 mice, it can also accommodate Wurmeier.

Even with apartment cats, one should perform a worm cure at least twice a year. Here it is the case that the cat cannot get infected by eating rodents, but we as cat owners can instill Wurmeier unnoticed from outside. Insects and fleas can also carry Wurmeier.

If you do not want to burden your cat unnecessarily with worm products, you can also submit a feces sample to the veterinarian and have it examined for worm infestation. If necessary, the worm cure can then be performed.

If you have small children, you should also treat the cat prophylactically with a worm cure. The risk of the children taking in Wurmeier is otherwise very high.


In German pharmacies you do not get to buy prescription animal drugs. Most mail order pharmacies are also included. Here you only have the possibility to buy the worm cure from the veterinarian. However, there is the Dutch mail order pharmacy medpets, where you can buy Dronspot as a worm cure.

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