The Norwegian Forest Cat – a breed portrait

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Appearance and character of the cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is also called Norsk Skogkatt in her home country and is a rather large domestic cat, which comes from Norway and is characterized by its medium-long hair. Already in mythology they were already mentioned as forest cats. Here it is two cats who pull the cart of Freya, as the goddess for fertility and love.

The striking feature of a Norwegian forest cat are the ears, at the ends of which smaller tufts of hair stand directly. The tasteful beauty from the north also wears a shirt breast, a neck brace and also knickerbocker. Those terms name the almost proliferating hanging, the forest cats in their winter fur at the neck, at the chest and also on the hind legs. In those places, the dense and soft undercoat is very lush in the colder season and is also covered by long, greasy granny hair. They protect the animal from moisture.

Otherwise, the beautiful Norwegian cat is physically almost perfectly adapted to life even in the cold environments of her homeland. The hind legs of the forest cat are longer than their front legs. This gives the animals a great bounce and makes them excellent hunters. In winter, the wider paws also help, which can then distribute the weight on the snow better.

Keeping and caring for the cat

One Norwegian forest cat jumps, climbs and has an exceptionally high urge to move. Because of its size, an attitude as an apartment cat is only recommended to a limited extent. Unless the cats can be given a lot of space at home.

Scratch trees and climbing opportunities must be very stable. High demands represent the care of the fur during the time of change in spring. Meanwhile, the cat loses all the undercoat. Thus, the Stubentiger must be brushed regularly. Otherwise, the forest cat proves to be very easy to care for and also uncomplicated. Life expectancy is more average at around 15 years.

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