Wonderful Siamese Cats – Breed Portrait

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Since when is the Siamese cat bred

Originally the Siamese cats come from Thailand, from where they also have their name, because Thailand used to be called Siamese. In England, the cats were first presented at a cat exhibition in 1871. It was then bred as a breed cat.

The physique

With 3-5 kilos, the cat adorns a medium-sized and slender physique. The coat is short and fine. The blue eyes stand out in the shaded face. Also, the ears, paws, nose and tail are different colored (badges) and thus stand out from the rest of the body.

The fur colors are different from silver to brown, black, cream to red. In a cream/light brown body, the badges are dark brown (seal point). Ivory-colored bodies have chocolate-point and white/purple bodies light gray badges. Probably the most famous is the combination of a white body and blue-grey badges (blue-point).
There are 2 species of Siamese cats, one modern and the classic. In the modern cat, the head is long and narrow and in the classic one the head is round.
She usually turns 8 – 14 years old.

Character of Siamese cats

Not only the appearance is unique, but also the character. If you own a Siamese cat, you have a new best friend, because the cats have a very close bond with their owner. No matter where you go, it sneaks around you. Also very talkative are the cats, they tell (mieuas) all day, about which will probably remain their secret. Leaving the cat alone for longer is not possible, because then it begins to deal with the objects in the household, i.e. wrap toilet paper off the roll, push glasses, tear paper, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a partner for the cat. Not only the purse, but also the nerves.


If you look at a Siamese cat, of course, the bright blue eyes in the beautiful face first stand out. You can also “dress” the cat and teach tricks. It is definitely worth buying an agility set or a clicker box.

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