The Gentle Giants – Breed Portrait Maine Coon Cats

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The heaviest and largest cat breed in the world is the Maine Coon. Due to its calm weden and its size, it is also often referred to as the “gentle giant”. The character of this breed is balanced, friendly and uncomplicated. The cats are happy about attention and attention, but they are also not disappointed when people have less time for them. Animals love to observe, follow and live with people.

Characteristics of Maine Coon Cats

The gentle giants don’t like to sit on their lap, but still enjoy the closeness of their owners. This breed is very intelligent and loves to hunt mice in the garden. She is also happy about toys that demand her skill and also her head. Ideal are games in which the cat has to hunt or catch with its paws.

It can also get wet

The breed loves to be in the garden and in nature. Therefore, it is rather not suitable as an apartment cat. By the way, this cat breed does not shy away from the water. On the contrary, these animals are fascinated by the water. It is exciting that the cats like to eat with their paws.

Uncomplicated and open to everything

The cats get along with humans, dogs and other cats. Her open-minded manner is a trait that many owners love about her. Towards strangers, the cat breed is a bit restrained at the beginning – but this changes quickly.

Beautiful and fluffy

Maine Coon Cats have a silky coat and although it is very long, it is sufficient if it is brushed well twice a week. The coat can be black, brown, white, red or cream. There are also cheques in the fur to discover. Not only the round paws are very large, but also the ears and eyes. These can be gold, copper, green or greenish-gold,

Indeterminate origin of the gentle giant

The origin of this cat breed is not clear. The name Maine Coon can be derived from a merchant captain who brought a Norwegian forest cat on his Viking ship to North America. There is also the theory that Marie Antoinette, the French queen, crossed a long-haired cat with a local cat during her visit to America. The name component “Maine” definitely comes from the state of Maine, where this cat breed appeared for the first time. “Coon” goes back to the word raccoon, which means raccoon in English.

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