Entertaining clicker training with cats for game and fun

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Clicker training with Josie and Emil. Since March 2020 we have a little British Shorthair girl that we have baptized Josie. Unfortunately, last year our oldest male Eddie had died at the age of 19 and our remaining male Emil had become very quiet afterwards. That was also a reason for us to buy another fur nose.

We knew the young cats are very playful, but with Josie it has already become very turbulent. Since she has been with us, our old Mr. Emil is moving more. Often only to escape from her if he wants to have his peace. But from time to time they also play hate. It’s really a pleasure to watch them.

What is Clickertraining?

Since our little Josie will be more in the apartment than our other cats, it will be especially important for her to keep her busy accordingly. To address their natural hunting instinct, we use a cat fishing and also a ball track game.

Clicker training is a method by which you can train desired behaviors. The desired behavior is positively enhanced by clicking and giving a reward in the form of a treat.

Of course, this form of learning behaviors and actions does not only work in cats. This method also works excellently in other animals such as dogs or even elephants.

Cats Clicker Box

We watched several clicker training videos on Youtube in advance to get an idea of them. Afterwards we searched on Amazon for a suitable as complete product as possible, which contains a clicker and a good guide.

We then found what we were looking for and bought the cats Clicker-Box from Gräfe and Unzer Verlag. The box is very stable and also has a well-closing lid.

In addition to the actual clicker, which generates a nice clear click, the box contains a very well written manual and different training cards in three categories.

Training categories of clicker training

  • Clicker Basics
  • Educational exercises
  • Tricks

Clicker Basics

These exercises are about getting his cat to clicker training. The cat learns that there is a reward for a desired behavior, which is amplified by the clicker noise.

The first exercise is the nose target. Here the cat should touch the target, which can be a pen, a stick of the day or even the finger, with the nose. Whenever the velvet paw has done it right, there is the clicker noise and a treat.

Very important! You have to find out the right time for clicker training for your cat. With our Josie, for example, this is shortly after she has let off the way. In the video below, Josie can be seen doing the first exercise with her nose target.

Josie with the nose target as first clicker exercise

Educational exercises with the clicker

If the cat masters the clicker basics well, then you can increase the difficulty level of the clicker exercises. To do this, she must have understood that when she does the right action, the clicker noise comes and she also gets a treat.

One of the first actions is the “seat” on command. This is an action that is actually more familiar from dogs. But also cats can learn the command “seat” with appropriate training without any problems. Other exercises include waiting or walking along.

Learn tricks with the clicker

If the cat is already a small clicker professional, you can teach her other tricks. With these tricks you could go to the circus with your fur nose (smile). So you can teach your little darling that she gives “High Five” or makes males on command. With particularly intelligent animals you can even play hats.


With clicker training you can not only employ every cat, but also train their intelligence. It is important to find the right time when the cat is attentive and wants to participate. It is very important that it is not a compulsion for the cat. Only the cat determines the pace, because only then will it like to participate. After a certain time, the fur nose will even insist on the daily clicker session.

Our Josie is still at the beginning of her clicker training with half a year and still very playful. She can also be quickly distracted, but we are sure that she can still become a real clicker professional.


ASCO  Finger Clicker for clicker training, dogs, cats and horses
ASCO Finger Clicker for clicker training, dogs, cats and horses
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Trixie Target Stick
Trixie Target Stick
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