How to help your cat with fur care

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In my post about cat grass I had already written about the importance of helping his cat with fur care. Especially cats with dense undercoat or especially long-haired cat breeds, need help with fur care.

Regardless of the cat breed, one should definitely help his cats in the spring, when the fur change is imminent, with a regular combing or brushing through the fur. On the one hand, it is very unpleasant to have your hair lying around or to stick to the clothes. Long-haired cats also often struggle with the fact that hair turns into nodules, which can then only be cut out. In addition, the cats do not swallow as many hairs during their daily fur care.

What do you have to consider if you want to comb or brush your cat?

On the one hand, you should buy the right tool. Combs or brushes differ in the length of the tines for short- or long-haired cats. One can imagine that a comb or brush for a long-haired cat is unpleasant for a short-haired cat at best and in the worst case it can cause skin irritation or even injuries.

When combing your cat for the first time, you should only do this briefly and very carefully to get them used to it. The coat must always be combed through in the direction of growth and without pressure. Most cats find combing through their fur and the associated massage very pleasant and even purr with it.

What do we use for the fur care of our cats?

For our normal domestic cats (EKH) we have used gloves with bumps, which also worked well. These gloves have two sides. One side is for fur brushing and with the other side you can remove hair from furniture and clothes. The only shortcoming is that the brushed fur cannot be removed particularly well from the glove.

Special undercoat brush

Since a small BKH cat has moved in with us, we have to take even more care of the topic of fur care. A BKH cat has significantly more undercoat than our domestic cats and lose this correspondingly strongly. We worked with the gloves at the beginning, but we quickly realized that it doesn’t work really well.

Through an internet search I came across the Furminator undercoat brush. There are different sizes and variants for short- and long-haired cats. In the video below I filmed how combing works with the Furminator brush.

Now that we have been using the Furminator brush for a while now, we can say that it is really very effective. Especially with our BKH cat we can easily comb out a lot of dead undercoat. It is particularly good that our kittens now lose significantly less hair due to regular combing.

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