How can bubble stones or struvite stones be prevented and treated in cats?

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Bubble stones or struvite stones form in cats if the food has an unfavorable mineral composition and also the pH of the urine is 7 or higher. The struvite stones are made of magnesium ammonium phosphate.

What happens if my cat has struvite stones?

The problem is that as a cat owner you don’t notice at first when struvitstones form with the cat. Even the cat does not notice this at first and is symptom free. Only by examining the urine could the veterinarian determine in advance that something is wrong.

The struvitstones only become a problem when they have reached a certain size and then lead to pain when the urine is set. At first they are still a kind of gries, but it can still be eliminated.

Acute emergency due to bladder stones

Bubble stones or struvite stones can also cause an acute emergency. With our cat Emil there has been such an emergency Pentecost 2018.

He came in nervously from outside and then immediately went to his cat toilet. After a short time he came out again and slammed into the toilet. We watched him try to drop urine several more times, which obviously didn’t work.

We knew straight away that something was going on here that was very serious. If he is unable to empty his bladder, the urine can accumulate back into the kidneys, causing irreparable damage and death.

The treatment was then carried out in the veterinary clinic and Emil was given a bladder catheter through which the pent-up urine could flow away. Emil then had to stay in the clink for three days and was given antibiotics, among other things. In addition, his bladder was rinsed several times. The vet suspected that Emil had bacterial cystitis. As a result of this disease, a kind of bladder stones had subsequently formed, which then blocked the ureter.

Without the quick treatment it would have been bad for Emil. One can imagine that in the anatomy of a cat even small bladder stones are enough to clog the urinary tract.

How to prevent or treat bladder stones or struvite stones.

If the bladder stones are caused by a bacterial disease, you can’t do anything yourself. First of all, you only notice it when symptoms show up and then only the veterinarian can help.

With struvite stones it is slightly different, these can be treated by a corresponding change of the feeding. However, one must first realize that the cat has problems with urine. One should be alarmed if it takes unusually long on the cat toilet or gives pain sounds of itself. Then have the vet and the urine status checked immediately.

By giving a corresponding urinary stone Diet food one, struvite stones can be dissolved and prevented. The feed causes the pH of the urine to change to the acidic area below 7. In addition, the mineral composition of this feed prevents the formation of struvite stones.

It is also highly recommended to purchase one Drinking fountain for cats. This encourages you to drink more water, which causes the urine to be less concentrated. This also prevents the formation of struvite stones and kidney disease in general.

What have we done?

Due to the fact that our oldest male had suffered from chronic renal insufficiency, we had already got a drinking fountain for cats very early on, which we equipped with an additional movement switch. This only tackles it if a cat is in front of it.

We haven’t changed anything about the food, because Emil is a freeman and still eats a lot of healthy mice for him. For him it was a bacterial disease. However, we don’t let him out in very bad weather, he is no longer the youngest.

Recommendation for prevention and treatment of struvite stones

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