Does my cat need cat grass?

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Should I offer my cat cat grass? With free-range cats, maybe many cat friends have seen that the cats eat grass. Most of the time, that’s not much they eat.

Why do cats eat grass?

Cats are very pure animals and the daily fur care can take up 3h. A cat tongue has horn teeth or horn papills on the surface and every cat owner knows how rough such a tongue feels. Especially if the little darling thinks that his favorite person needs a cat wash.

Due to the frequent intensive cleaning, in which the cat literally combs through her fur with her tongue, she also swallows hair every time. In the stomach, a hair bale is formed also called bezoar. Other indigestible food components also remain stuck in the bezoar.

When the hair bale has reached a certain size, a cat instinctively tries to eat grass. Grass is a natural refractive agent for a cat. If the cat doesn’t vomit outside, it can be that you can find the vomited fur-kneuel in the morning.

As long as the cat gets rid of its fur-kneuel in this way, everything is fine. In some cases, however, it can also happen that the fur-kneuel causes an intestinal obstruction. This would then be a life-threatening emergency for the Miez.

Should I offer my cat cat grass?

Of course, if you have free-range cats, this is not necessary as long as there is grass outside. Only in the winter months you should put a pot of cat grass to your favorites.

With pure apartment cats it is important to offer them cat grass, because they also have to get rid of their fur Bezoar somehow. Otherwise, one has the problem that cats try to eat other green plants in order to be able to cause a vomiting.

Are there alternatives to cat grass?

Malt extract

On the one hand, it is always a good idea to help his cat with the fur care and brush it regularly. Especially in spring and autumn, this should be done more often when the coat change is imminent. Cat owners with long-haired cats have to help their pets with fur care regularly anyway.

But there are also ways to prevent the formation of a fur bezoars in the stomach of his cat. You can give your cat a malt extract as a dietary supplement. The malt virtually envelops the hair in the stomach, so that they can be excreted via the digestive tract. However, you have to be careful especially with already overweight cats, because the malt extract naturally provides additional calories. In addition, the malt extract must be given regularly so that it can work properly.

Furminator deshedding tool

FURminator deShedding Tool

For optimal fur care, you can buy the furminator deshedding tool. The Furminator is a undercoat brush with which you can brush out the dead dead undercoat in a cat.

When buying the Furminator underfur bust, it is necessary to make sure to buy the correct execution. There is a different version for short-haired cat breeds such as British shorthair or Russian blue than for long-haired breeds such as Angora cats or Persian cats.

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