New cat toy – self-rolling ball

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A self-rolling ball – our new cat toy. I always look for new products with which I can make our fur noses a pleasure. Fortunately, most of what you can buy on cat toys is not very expensive. I saw the toy that is about this article on a video on Youtube. Of course, I searched for it on Amazon and then found it.

A self-rolling ball

I found the idea of the self-rolling ball ingenious, with this part the kittens can keep busy for half an hour.

The ball comes from China like many of these products, but that doesn’t have to be bad. From Amazon, it arrives neatly packaged and is then packed in a small cardboard box. The processing is orderly and the substance has no odour of its own. There are also no sharp edges and an additional rubber ring is attached to the transition of the two half-shells. Before the first use, it should be fully charged. The charging time when it is fully unloaded is about 1.5h.

For this purpose, it is simply screwed on and inside is a Micro USB connection for charging. The complete charging takes about 1h depending on the state of charge. While charging, a red LED flashes, when the battery is full, there is a red continuous light. Then just screw it back together and then it can start.

We’re working the self-rolling ball?

When the ball is charged, you can start in the first time. On the white half-shell is a pressure switch that you simply have to press. A small motor moves inside the ball and the whole ball moves by changing the center of gravity.

The movements of the ball are not straightforward, but rather a tumbling movement. If he strikes somewhere he changes direction until he can roll again. An additional attraction is the red LED lamp, which also constantly changes direction due to the tumbling motion and where otherwise illuminates.

As the ball moves through the area, it is closely watched and tracked by our Josie. Every now and then she starts a funny sham attack. It’s especially funny when she runs on the ball on two legs.


A self-rolling ball is a very nice game for in between. However, I had hoped for a bit more action from our cats. But somehow she doesn’t seem to be quite the pattern of movement. That may still be the case, because every cat is a little different.

New cat toy - self-rolling ball 1

Otherwise we find this game with self-rolling ball quite recommendable. The fact that it can be easily recharged and it otherwise makes a valuable impression, it will certainly last for a while. According to the manufacturer, the ball should last up to four hours with a full charge. We can confirm this in so far that we were able to run the ball several times before we had to load it again.

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