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The ball track game is an ideal cat toy and wonderfully suited to keep your cats busy. The animals will love the game simply by the natural hunting instinct. Especially for young cats and especially for housing cats, a sufficiently demanding occupation is important.

Young cats still have so much energy that they absolutely need employment. Especially when they no longer have their siblings, it is the task of their new human family to take care of them and to entertain them. The little miezen are not at all demanding.

Cats living in an apartment in the city also need a meaningful job for them. Especially when cats or cats have been neutered, the animals become much calmer and more balanced. Here you have to be careful with the food as well as with the movement. Otherwise, the Stubentiger become very quickly significantly “rounder”, which is then not good for the health of the cats in the long run.

Here there is a huge range of cat toys that you can buy. But you can also make something like this very easy. Such a simple cat toy is a fumble board. It is easy to tinker with, as in this article.

The ball track game

By chance we found the ball track game when we picked up our new BKH kitten from the breeder. This game was the absolute constant burner for the kittens. There have always been three little miezen playing with it at the same time. We then searched the internet for it and quickly found it on Amazon for less than 10€.

Our cats find the ball track game quite great and deal with it again and again. Depending on the execution, the game also has a mouse in the middle, with which the fur-noses can deal. Otherwise, they can really get into the game and rush the ball. Either from the side or through the openings from above. Occasionally, the whole part flies through the area, if there was a real stroke.

Tip! To make the game more interesting, you can put treats in the ball track. Then you can be sure that the fur-noses will deal with it very intensively.

Even our old gentleman plays with the ball track game from time to time. Since he is a big strong hangover, the game flies around him. Since he is a freeman and also catches and eats mice and all sorts of other animals, he is already a bit more “robust” with the game as a trained hunter. But you can see that he can already work on it properly. He really goes off, if you put a few more treats in the ball track.

Despite the sometimes already very intensive use by our two cats, we have not yet been able to detect any damage. The game is already very robust and seems to be able to withstand a lot.


A ball track game is really great cat toy for little money. And it’s not just the cats who enjoy it, promised.

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