Allergic cats, is there really such a thing?

Siberian Longhair Cat
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Allergic cats, is there really such a thing? For allergy sufferers, being close to a cat can have dire consequences. Although not all allergy sufferers have to react to a cat with allergic symptoms, but if it is so then it can become very agonizing. The most common symptoms are:

  • Coughing and/or sneezing
  • Itchy, runny nose
  • rashes, redness, etc.
  • tearing/burning eyes

In rare traps, even long-term cat owners can suddenly react allergic to their pets. In case of sudden allergic complaints, you can have your doctor take a prick test to clarify this. It may well be that in the end it is not the cat to which one suddenly reacts with allergic symptoms. One should also simply ask oneanother, what has been acquired in recent times in new things or plants. Getting to track down an allergy can sometimes be associated with some detective work.

What actually triggers the allergic complaints?

There is often talk of an animal hair allergy when someone is allergic when in contact with a cat. But are cat hair really to blame?

The allergic symptoms are almost always caused by contact with the protein Fel d1. This protein is present in the cat’s saliva, urine, skin scales and sebaceous glands. When she then cleans the cat she distributes it of course also on the surface of her hair. But this protein can also occur wherever the cat is located or even rubs its head. Therefore, allergic reactions can occur without the cat actually being in the room.

What can be done?

The safest thing would be to give up contact with cats altogether. But what do people who want a cat do, or who have had cats for years?

Anti-allergic drugs

If the allergic symptoms are not too severe, you can also first try to take nasal sprays or eye drops. These are the same drug that is used for hay fever. In case of doubt, you should of course discuss this with your GP.

If you already have cats

Of course, despite allergic symptoms, you will try everything to keep your velvet puddles. You can try the following tips before you give up your cats.

The most effective and at the same time the most difficult method is to reduce the direct contact with the cat, or at least to wash your hands after contact. Also, you should ventilate well regularly. But that alone will not be enough. Furthermore, one should declare the bedroom an absolute taboo zone for the cats. So you can sleep allergen-free. In perspective, carpets should be banished from the apartment. Smooth floors are much easier to keep clean than carpets in which cat hairs can really thread. A leather couch can also help, as it can also be wiped off wet. However, it must be a robust leather here, where the cats can not claw in.

Allergy-free cat Oriental shorthaired cat
Oriental shorthaired cat

With these tips, living together can also work with a cat allergy. However, it may also be that even this does not help and one has to separate one’s heart from one’s darlings.

Allergic cats with known cat allergy, is there such a thing?

That sounds absurd at first. But there are many cat lovers who want a cat despite an allergy. Is there such a thing as an allergy cat? Jain, I would say. First of all, each person reacts differently to the allergenic protein Fel d1 . On the other hand, there are no anti-allergic or allergic cats. What is known, however, is that some cat breeds are considered hypoallergenic. This means that these cats are less allergenic and release less of the protein Fel d1. Whether this is sufficient in individual cases can only be found out by means of a test. An easy way is to have a hair sample given to breeders and to have it glued to their backs. If then the skin reacts little or not at all, this is an indication that it will probably work with this cat breed.

The known hypoallergenic cat breeds include:


Unfortunately, there are no allergic cats in the sense of anti-allergic or not allergic. There are some cat breeds that give away less allergens, but this is no guarantee that one can live with such a cat as an allergy sufferer. As described above, a simple test can help find out.

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