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In this article we tested the wet food of Mjamjam. We have chosen this food because it has a very high meat content and would therefore be an optimal cat food. Manufacturer of this cat food is MjAMjAM Petfood GmbH.

We looked at how the food looks visually the smell and the composition according to the ingredients list. Our “test eaters” Josie tested the taste of our young BKH cat (5 months) and Emil an Ech a male (14 years).

Composition of cat food according to the list of ingredients

According to the list of ingredients, the feed contains:

  • 99 Meat and innards of lamb
  • 0.5 Minerals
  • 0.5 eggshells

Analytical components:

  • 11 Crude protein
  • 2 Raw ash
  • 0.4 Crude fibre
  • 6 Fat
  • 79 Water
  • 0.25 Calcium
  • 0.2 Phospor

Nutritional additives per kg:

  • 200 IU Vitamin D3
  • 50mg Vitamin E
  • 1,500mg taurine
  • 0.2mg iodine
  • 2mg manganese
  • 20mg zinc

From the composition therefore an optimal cat food. The other varieties have a similar composition. In any case with more than 90 meat content.

After opening the tin, we were able to assess the lining from the optics. With this food you can still see the meat structure very well, although it has been wolfed or crushed with the cutter. Some jelly has formed on the surface after hot filling. The smell is pleasantly meaty but not intrusive. The typical sheep smell was not perceptible.

Testing the food by our two cats

The taste test is of course rather subjective, since each cat has its own head. What some like, however, the next velvet paws does not find delicious at all. But both our old Mr. Emil and the young cat girl found the food quite tasty and did not leave a single crumb left.

This is not always the case, our old gentleman is a bit picky, as he occasionally catches a mouse and eats. Our two cats get together 200g of the food and additionally dry food. In terms of quantity, this is sufficient.


If you want to do something good for your cats, we can recommend the food of Mjamjam. The high meat content corresponds to the needs of our cats in terms of food. The Mjamjam try-and-breakfast pack with six different flavours is particularly recommended.

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