Protect cats from fleas and fight ticks reliably

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When it gets warm again in the spring, the time begins again when you have your to protect cats from fleas. In the case of free-riders, there is also the tick problem.

Cat owners whose cats are free-range know the problem enough. If their favorites go out more often in the spring, they unfortunately bring more and more often these uninvited guests.

Where ticks can still be detected and removed relatively well, an infestation with fleas is not easily recognizable. But at the latest if the cat scratches itself more often, it should be examined for fleas.

In addition, not only free-range cats are affected by fleas, but also apartment cats can catch fleas. Most of the time they are introduced by us cat owners themselves without noticing it and one wonders why the cat scratches itself.

Detect and remove ticks in cats

Detecting ticks is relatively easy. If you feel a lift while stroking, you should take a closer look at it. However, it doesn’t always have to be a tick to find. Sometimes it’s just a bit of scab that the little racker has pulled up during an encounter with another cat.

If the fur nose has caught a tick, it is relatively easy to remove it. Either with tweezers or with a special tick tongs. If you have problems with tweezers, we recommend the tick tongs. For example, we have Tick forceps stainless steel. The advantage of a special tick tongs is that you open them by pressing them. The tick tongs are positioned on the head of the tick and after release it is firmly clamped. Now you only need to gently turn the tick tongs counterclockwise and pull them slightly. This has removed the tick.

This also works with tweezers. However, you have to place the tweezers at the same time, press them, hold them and then pull out the tick. Unfortunately, it often happens that you have to tear them apart and then pull your head out.
After removing the tick have still treated like the site so Betaisodona that there can be no inflammation.

Detectand and remove fleas in cats

Protecting cats from fleas

At the latest, if the fur nose scratches more often or also walks around nervously, one should take a closer look at it. To detect an infestation with fleas, you have Flea ridge to comb through the fur of your favorite with one.

By the way, during a visit to the veterinarian, the veterinarian always looks for a flea infestation. Itching for flea bites can be very distressing for the cats and fleas can also transmit various diseases.

Attention!! When combing out the fleas, immediately pick up with a paper towel and crush. Otherwise the fleas jump away and no one wants to have them on their furniture or on themselves. If there is no cat nearby, they bite people too.

The tines of the flea comb are so narrow that fleas and their feces get stuck in the crest and can be removed directly. If you have not found fleas, but only more or less black dirt, you can take the water test. Just put some of the black dirt in a bowl of water. If the water turns reddish, the dirt contains blood components and you can be sure that the cat has fleas.

Protecting cats from fleas

Fleas and ticks can be removed manually in cats. But it’s better if they can’t even nest on our cats. To protect its cats from fleas can buy various products in the trade. These products work against fleas and ticks. The use of these products is very simple so that anyone can apply them to their animal.

The most famous are certainly the flea collars, which have been around for a very long time. However, they have some drawbacks, which is why we no longer use them, for example. On the one hand, the cats have constant contact with the active ingredient and on the other hand cats can get stuck with the collar and at worst strangle themselves with it. Especially with free-range cats, this danger is not to be underestimated. One of our hangovers would have almost hanged himself with such a collar. If we had n°not noticed that, it would have gone badly.

For some years now, there have been liquid products against fleas and ticks, which are applied to the cats once in the neck. As a rule, the protection lasts for 6 weeks. The best known is certainly Spot on Cat from Frontline, who also did a lot of advertising at the time of the product presentation. This is the product we also use for our cats. It is not exactly inexpensive with a good 30€ for six application, but it is effective and our cats have always tolerated it well. We once had a much cheaper product, which two of our cats got well and one of them got a bad rash.

Treat seating and cat sleeping places

If, after treatment with Spot on or a similar remedy, fleas still smoke (even dead ones) when combing out the cat, then it may be that the cats’ seating furniture and sleeping places are infested with fleas. This is then practically the worst case,here you have to treat not only the cat but also the infested furniture, blankets and sleeping places of the cats.

Blankets etc. can be washed and thus kill the fleas and flea eggs. Anything else must be sprayed with a Spray flea and its eggs effective. These agents are not completely harmless and you should pay close attention to the safety instructions here. If the infestation cannot be eliminated, only a professional pest controller can help.


Parasites such as ticks and fleas are a real problem for cats, not only are they disgusting and very unpleasant for the animals, they can also get sick of it. Fleas, for example, can transmit Bartonella bacteria that cause an itchy rash. It can even be transmitted by fleas even Tapeworm eggs, if the cat swallows such a flea while cleaning. Ticks can also transmit disease, which can be fatal in the worst case. Therefore, one should protect one’s cats from fleas and freerangers regularly search for ticks.

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