Is dry food healthy for my cat?

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In dry food, it is similar to wet food, it depends on the ingredients to make it healthy. A combination of wet and dry food is recommended, as the dry food also has something to do with the bite. If you feed only wet food, then tartar is formed more and more. Some cats do not like wet food and are fed exclusively with dry food.

When feeding dry food, please provide sufficient water! A drinking fountain is also highly recommended, as cats like to drink from flowing waters.

Dry food from the supermarket

As with wet food, there is also a huge range of dry food from all possible manufacturers with different types of feed. We take a closer look at a dry food from a well-known manufacturer.

According to the ingredients list, this feed contains 10 cereals, meat and animal by-products. How much of these 10 are really meat is not clear from the description. Exactly what the remaining 90 of the feed ingredients are is not really clear from the ingredients list. That is probably not the intention. A rogue who thinks badly. A 950g pack of this food costs about 2.50€. In my wetfood contribution I wrote what contains natural cat food. 90 meats and 10 vegetable ingredients. If you look at the price and what is in this food, everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to give it to their cat.

Dried food with a high meat content

As with wet food, dry food also provides high-quality products. For comparison, a dry food from Purizon.

Purizon’s feed contains 70 meats and 30 herbal ingredients of fruits and herbs. In addition, the feed is grain-free. This food is especially for neutered cats, where you know that they are no longer particularly active. In the case of the feed, the fat content was reduced and taurine was added.

This high-quality feed has a price. The price per kg is about 8.50€. But also here you can feed relatively sparingly, because it is very nutritious and the cats eat less of it.


It should now be clear to everyone that cheap food cannot be good. The comparison of the two types of feed makes this very clear. When you see that the cheap feed contains only 10 animal protein and vegetable ingredients, you wonder what the remaining 90 are.

The high nutrient density of the high-quality feed and the associated lower amount of feeding somewhat put the higher price into perspective. But in the end, the cats are just better off with this food. Above all, it prevents problems such as diabetes, which cats often develop when they only get food with a high grain content.

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