My cat no longer eats, do I have to be worried now?

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Your cat doesn’t eat or she refuses the food? In this article I write about the main causes when the little darling refuses his food. If something obvious hasn’t happened, you should first keep calm. Because often there is a very simple explanation for the refusal of food.

My cat no longer eats. Can this be due to the new feed?

A new food is probably the most common cause that the food is denied and then the cat eats nothing more. As for their food, cats can be very picky. Once they get used to a food variety, it’s hard to imagine anything new. The result is first of all total rejection and at best a reproachful look and outraged mow.

We have also experienced this several times, our fur-noses insist on their Mjamjam food and most of the other food is consistently denied. Our two BKH girls are especially stubborn if they don’t get their favorite food put in front of them. But our old cat Emil is not quite as picky, he tries the food at least once and then decides whether he likes it or not. With dry food it is not quite so extreme, but they also like the food of Purizon.

Cat no longer eats

The simplest thing, of course, is to give the cats their favorite food again. However, if a feed changeism is necessary .B for health reasons, one must proceed carefully. Often it helps if you mix your favorite food with the new food and slowly increase the mixture towards the new food. Then it should work. You have to be really patient with the food change, because our fur-noses smell much better than we humans and get with them immediately if their food is suddenly slightly different.

Cats don’t eat spoiled food

This sounds banal at first, because no cat owner will deliberately give his darlings spoiled food. Our cats usually smell spoiled food immediately and then instinctively do not eat it. For their wild ancestors, this instinct was vital to detect, for example.B, bad water.

Especially with wet food you have to be careful, it spoils especially fast due to the consistency, because it offers bacteria and fungi an excellent breeding ground. The fastest spoils the food in the summer months when it is really warm. We give our cats only very small wet food portions during this time and throw away the uneaten rest immediately.

You have to be even more careful when you feed your animals with raw meat or fish according to BARF. On raw meat and fish, bacteria and fungi multiply even faster than on wet food.

When female cats become rolled, they don’t eat.

In this post I wrote about the rollingness of our Josie. In the time when a female cat is rolling and ready to be conception, it does not eat and also loses some weight. This is normal behaviour and you don’t have to worry about it. After a few days the haunting is over again and the little mouse eats again. Josie ate well again after her rolling, it was almost as if she wanted to make up for everything she hadn’t eaten before.

Possible health problems when cats refuse food

If a cat refuses food and you can be sure that the above possibilities are not true, a disease can be the reason that the cat does not eat anything. If the cat does not eat anything for several days, then the vet is the first port of call. There can be all sorts of diseases behind it, trivial but also really serious diseases.

Acute diseases and poisonings

A cat no longer eats in case of an acute illness or poisoning. In addition to the refusal to eat, there are usually other symptoms such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • strong saliva flow
  • complaining misodic

If, in addition to the refusal of food, these symptoms occur, it may be a life-threatening emergency. Here you have to go to the veterinarian or a veterinary clinic immediately

Dental problems as a reason for food refusal


Not only we humans have dental problems, also our cats can be affected. With toothache you have no appetite. Most of the time, dental problems only occur in older cats. Here, tartar is often to blame for the problems, which can lead to painful gum inflammation. With a regular check of the bite at the veterinarian, however, one can prevent here. If necessary, the veterinarian will recommend removing the tartar under anesthesia.

However, there is also a dental disease in cats, against which unfortunately nothing can be done preventively. This dental disease is called FORL and the only treatment option is the removal of the affected tooth. This dental disease is very painful for the cats, as the tooth neck is destroyed until the tooth nerve is exposed.

The cat does not eat after surviving illness or surgery

That’s where the cats and us humans are. After surviving illness or surgery, you have little appetite. Here it is important to pupate the velvet paw and then she may also get things that she otherwise does not get all the time.

  • Leckerlies
  • unspiced fried chicken breast
  • unspiced fried fish
  • Yogurt
  • everything cat likes to eat

There are also some dietary supplements that you can give your cat to pop them up. On the one hand, this is high-calorie food or build-up cures, such as .B RECOACTIV renal for kidney disease or RECOACTIV recovery, which support the treatment and are appetite-stimulating. We have had very good experiences with these products with our kidney-sick cat and therefore recommend them further. In case of doubt, you can always ask your veterinarian what helps your darling.


Let us return to the question asked at the beginning: “My cat no longer eats, do I have to be worried now?”. If there are no other symptoms, as described above, then you can relax a bit and wait if your fur nose just doesn’t like the food. You can also test this well and offer her a treat. When she eats it, everything is good and she just doesn’t like her food.

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