Josie, our first BKH cat

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In this article I write about Josie our first BKH cat – British Shorthair.

For many years we had three domestic cats or cats, which were all free-range. With the normal domestic cats, the hunting instinct is still very strong, whereby they are the ideal mice hunters and therefore usually do not become really happy even as apartment cats.

When our cats came home after their release, they were always very relaxed and then very happy to cuddle and be petted. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to two of our hangovers. They crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 16 and 19.

After our Eddy had left, our last male Emil became calmer and quieter. Maybe he mourned, we don’t know. In any case, it was noticeable to him that the Eddie was missing. That’s why we decided that he should get a cat buddy again.

What kind of cat should it be?

Emil is already a cat grandpa at the age of 14 and, as with humans, he has his own peculiarities. If we put a new cat at his side for society, then there should be no stress or aggression.

Our Emil

The question now has been asked what is better or could be safer. Is it better to take an older adult cat or rather a baby cat. Gender and race also play a role. We then did a very long research and read many testimonials. In the end we decided that it should be a little cat girl and this time also a breed cat, a BKH – British Shorthair. On the one hand, it is easier to pick up a cat baby, as kittens have a kind of puppy protection in the adult cats for a while. We have already noticed this when many years ago Emil himself joined the two adult cats as a small baby cat. Since we also wanted to take a cat girl this time we assumed that Emil would not see her as a rival for his territory. Then we also decided for a BKH cat. Cats of this breed are generally very quiet and balanced and also easily get along with other pets. So we were very confident that it would work out with the two of them.

Our Josie, the little BKH cat

BKH Cat Josie

Animal babies are somehow all sweet and for cat lovers cat babies are of course the pinnacle of cuteness. Small BKH cats are no exception, they are just cute and cute.

The first day after we picked her up from the breeder, Josie was still a bit shy and hid. The next day it was very different. No cat can stand up to a cat angel, not even Josie, as you can see in the video below.

Josie with the Cat Angel

So how did Emil react to little Miez?

Luckily, Emil reacted the way we wanted. When he first saw Josie, he sniffed her with interest and greeted her with a small headbutt. For him, this was the end of the matter. Most of the time, he just ignored them.

But for little Josie, it wasn’t over. After all, what do little kittens do all day long? Play, sleep, eat and c… We bought a lot of toys for her and a scratch tree to climb and romp her too. And then there is the big katzenopa with which you can play. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really want to play with such a little thing. But sometimes it works, albeit unintentionally.

Josie plays cock-hate

We will certainly have a lot of fun with Josie. In any case, we have already laughed a lot. Our little BKH behaves very differently from our hangovers in many things and a lot of things are also very funny. Apparently, the BKH cats are also particularly talkative. If Josie wants anything, she looks at us with her big round cuddly eyes and mirates until we do what she wants. That alone is all very cute but also in the game she sometimes runs on two legs at once. We had only seen such a thing in Youtube videos. We could leave out the TV occasionally and only need to watch Josie.

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